Family of Brands - It's All in the Pepys Family

Monday Sept 14th, 2008

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. -- The Pepys family is a family of brand builders that has had a remarkable impact on the juvenile products industry with revenues in the millions of dollars.

Shirley Pepys - Founder of NoJo, Inc., Mompreneur and Guru of the Juvenile Industry

Shirley is an icon in the industry as the innovator behind one of the first coordinated juvenile bedding companies, NoJo, Inc. Her philosophy combines style and function. She met needs of mothers everywhere and the company grew. Her children learned how style makes ordinary products appealing. NoJo produced the first coordinated nursery products, car seat covers, accessories for strollers. Eventually, Shirley sold to Crown Crafts, Inc. (NYSE), which acquired NoJo.

Renee Pepys Lowe - Designing Daughter and Founder of CoCaLo, Inc.

Renee grew up developing a sense of style too. Ten years ago she founded CoCaLo, Inc., a manufacturer and distributor of infant bedding and accessory products under the respected brands of CoCaLo Baby, CoCaLo CoutureandCoCaLo Naturals. This fashion-forward company executes a "design and deliver" strategy offering distinctive looks from home d├ęcor to lifestyle for today`s style-conscious parents. In 2008, Renee sold CoCaLo to Russ Berrie and Company, Inc. (NYSE:RUS). Max Pepys, Renee`s brother, is in management at CoCaLo.

Noel Pepys- Super Sling Maestro and Founder of Balboa Baby, Inc.

With Shirley and Renee, Noel Pepys learned more about mothers and babies than many pediatricians. Balboa Baby LLC was founded two years ago by Noel and Shirley to design baby accessories. They manufacture and distribute an array of juvenile products. The stylish products include the Serene Sling by T-REX in Japan and Adjustable Sling, Nursing Cover, Nursing Pillow and Shopping Cart Cover by Balboa Baby LLC.

Tiffany Pepys - A Legacy of Design Excellence

Youngest daughter, Tiffany, recently founded the Tiffany Pepys Design Studio to share some of the Pepys magic with companies seeking new designs. For 20 years she was Vice President of Design and Merchandising at St. John Knits. She`s expert at creating designs, balancing color, fabric, style and accessories.

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