Family of Brands

September 14th, 2009
The Pepys family is a family of brand builders that has had a remarkable impact on the juvenile products industry with revenues in the millions of dollars. Read More

Newport Beach [714]

Kelly Gray, Keri Dugan, and Tiffany Pepys Hoey
Sharing a Commitment to Orangewood’s Children

October 2, 2003
Although Kelly Gray, Keri Dugan, and Tiffany Pepys Hoey share a seat on the Orangewood Pals board of directors that doesn’t dilute their commitment to the organization. Really, Orangewood Pals—and the children it supports - get three for the price of one...Read More

What People are saying about Tiffany Pepys:

We really focused on clean lines infused with rich colors including deep reds and lepard prints,” said VP of Design Tiffany Pepys at the debut of the St. John Fall 2007 collection.

“Tiffany Pepys took a bow with the rest of the executive design team on the runway,” according to Bruce Fetter, Chief Operation Officer.” She was mentored by the Grays in the beginning and grew every day.”

“It was wonderful having Angelina Jolie as a muse while I was on the St. John executive design team.”

“Tiffany Pepys, former VP of design for St. John, focuses on knits while Maria Lopez focuses on evening clothes.”

“Shirley Pepys has passed on her passion for Orangewood’s mission to her own children. Daughter Tiffany has been active in PALS, an auxiliary for young professionals, for years and currently sits on the PALS board.”