A Legacy of Design Excellence

pepys familyIn the world of design, experience combined with passion and a unique talent for expressing ideas provides the foundation of creative excellence that defines Tiffany Pepys. Her leadership in the industry is characterized by an ability to think progressively and act with exceptional perspective. This spirit of innovation distinguishes the approach utilized by the Tiffany Pepys Design Studio.

Tiffany comes from a long line of brand builders that has had a remarkable impact on the fashion industry, and the success of the Pepys family in the world of design stands as a testament to their family values, passion and tradition. Her mother, Shirley Pepys, is the well-respected innovator and driving force behind NoJo, Inc., an infant bedding and accessory company established in 1970 and sold to Crown Crafts, Inc. (NYSE) in 1997. In 1999, Tiffany’s sister, Renee Pepys Lowe, founded CoCaLo, Inc., which has become a leading manufacturer and distributor of popular infant bedding and accessory products. CoCaLo was acquired by Russ Berrie and Company, Inc. (NYSE) in 2008. In 2007, Tiffany’s brother, Noel, and her mother founded Balboa Baby LLC, collaborating with Dr. William Sears’ family to create the ever popular Balboa Baby Sling and other infant accessories, exemplifying the family philosophy of combining style with function.

Tiffany guarantees successful collaboration with her clients by ensuring that their views and needs are at the heart of every step of the design process. Understanding the uniqueness of each project, she assembles a creative team of skilled professionals to meet the individual needs of her customers. Her mission is clear: to work in partnership with clients, to create and deliver beautiful products and inspirational environments.

Tiffany Pepys has an exceptional talent and imagination, allowing her to transform her clients’ visions into a distinguishable reality, creating a legacy of design excellence.